lead generation.

Digital marketing campaigns, brand awareness

and business data compilation

with implementation

Social Media
& Inbound Marketing

Sinergya provides a wide range of search engine marketing (SEM) and lead generation campaigns, helping your business increase exposure, rank higher and find quality leads.

From Facebook, Adword and email campaigns that lead directly to increased brand awareness and actionable sales leads, to business data analysis that provides valuable insights into your business sector and target audience, we excel at putting your business in front of the right people.

Analyze Business

Nitch & Buyers

We analyze your product

or service to identify

your buyer-persona

so we identify the

correct target

to meet your

marketing needs.

Create Social Media
& Advertisement

Digital strategies are designed

after we do the analysis

to identify the correct

target to reach all

the potential customers

that are looking the

product or service

that you offer.


We identify the correct social

media channel as well as SEO and

SEM optimization to deploy our

strategies so we can warranty better


Monitor Campaigns
to Optimized Target
to Get to the
Correct Audience

When campaigns are running

we have strict monitoring so

we can optimize each

social media campaign

effort to modify to

have better targeting

and better results.

Hot Leads
Ready to Be
Converted to

We deliver hot-leads

to our customers on a daily basis

in different ways automated delivery

or via email. As well we offer our contact center service

that can close the sales for you. An all-in-one solution.

More clients?.. More sales?... We are the Gateway