Working from home the new HIGH Performance.

We have been hearing from these very cool places to work where all employees can work from home pass more time with family, have a swim at lunchtime. We can quote so many perks that almost it seems like a dream but thanks to this horrible pandemic (COVD-19) that we all have been experienced is just coming true. Companies have been forced to move their employees/operations towards working from home,  the majority of those companies that were experience resistance from managers and business owners to this trend of work from home is a surprise that their employees have bee more productive and engage with their projects and tasks.

Now the key goal is to keep those co-workers engaged and the utilization of collaboration tools, chats, metrics, etc is a MUST to keep track of this new way of work. So professionals from many disciplines will be moving to this way of work from now on.

Mayor of the top tech companies have implemented remote work policies that allow employees to have many benefits, here are some charts from an article from buffer.com from 2019 that show what employees are saying about this type of policies.


So bottom line remote work is here to stay and you will need to adapt to it, there are many information out there that will help you to adapt faster, just keep in mind to use tools to keep your focus on the day to day activities. Believe me, you will be more productive with no commute time, traffic, removing the pressure of running late, etc. You probably will work a little bit more hrs but you will spread your time during the day more efficiently and have more time with your loved ones.

For Managers and Business Owners

If you are a manager or business owner and start implementing remote work policies within your teams or across the board keep in mind to establish controls processes, measure tools, chat systems (like Slack, Jira, Trello, Monday, etc) that will help you to have visibility of your operation without asking anybody, you will be more relieved and have peace of mind because you will detect very easily deviations. The most important thing about having this kind of policy is that you will have happy employees and more sense of belonging in your company. How will you implement these policies well is a whole story that we can talk about in another post. Keep moving forward and remember the build measure learn cycle is the best way to have your own secret sauce.  Cheers…



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